Facilitating Effective Retrospectives


All the essential skills, techniques, and templates to facilitate great virtual retrospectives using the collaboration tool Miro and video conferencing tools like Zoom or Microsoft Teams.



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Facilitating Effective Retrospectives is our online course for ScrumMasters, coaches, or anyone else who needs to facilitate better retrospectives.

You won’t find a trite or empty promise of some magic formula here. This course has been carefully crafted from 35 years of collective experience working with hundreds of teams by expert facilitators and trainers, Richard Lawrence and Peter Green.

We created this course because we see how much and how quickly great retrospectives can help a team grow. And we see how much people struggle to use retrospectives well over the long haul.

In Facilitating Effective Retrospectives, we share everything Richard and Peter have learned about great retrospectives from years of experience and experimentation. You’ll find clear, actionable, and inspiring (yes, inspiring!) content to help you as you build new skills.

You’ll also examine what makes retros ineffective and reframe unhelpful patterns and assumptions. See if any of the following sound familiar:

  • “My team doesn’t believe this is the best use of their time.”
  • “Our team is too big to run retros effectively or efficiently.”
  • “Trying to get people to contribute something meaningful is like pulling teeth.”
  • “We talk about improvement all the time anyway.”
  • “We’re good enough now that we don’t need retros.”

We’ll take you through how to refine the retro to address these real objections and frustrations, in some cases, shifting your perspective to use them to your benefit.

Your 3 Biggest Outcomes

Facilitating Effective Retrospectives will allow you to:

  1. Help your team do reflection and experimentation better than 99.9% of teams in the world.
  2. Find the one thing that matters most at every retro and design a good experiment to make it better.
  3. Multiply your team’s effectiveness.

What You Get

Facilitating Effective Retrospectives is for high-performing teams who want to do great retrospectives. For only $497 you get:

  • 28 self-paced modules with 26 NEW Instructional videos of Richard and Peter sharing insights from over 35 years of experience and experimentation to help you build new skills and get inspired
    • Facilitation Skills applied to Retrospectives: 8 lessons about what is a facilitator, and what skills do they need to bring to the table to take a meeting (like a retrospective) from bleh to yeah!
    • Facilitating Remote Retrospectives: 7 lessons, including two templates with facilitation guides
    • But What If…10 lessons about how to overcome the most common challenges our clients face when facilitating retrospectives
    • Oh and also…2 bonus lessons about group decision making and our favorite resources to learn more

You’ll also receive access to:

  • Miro board templates to maximize collaboration and participation. These can be easily repurposed for other online collaboration tools like Mural.
  • Facilitation guides that provide cues for how to effectively use the templates—what to say, and when to say it.

Imagine feeling energized when you leave a retrospective instead of feeling like you wasted time in yet another meeting when you could have been doing something valuable. Facilitating Effective Retrospectives unlocks the skills you need to approach every retrospective with confidence.