Virtual and in-person courses are awesome, but they’re pretty expensive and require long focused blocks of time. To solve these challenges, we’ve provided some of our most requested content in self-guided online courses below.

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12 Lessons

80/20 Product Ownership

Once you study all the content and do all the exercises in the 80/20 Product Ownership course, you’ll be able to: * Define good Minimum Marketable Features (MMFs) and user stories. * Find the first high-value, high-learning MMFs inside a big idea for a new product, project, or release. * Quickly and fluently split MMFs and big user stories into small stories. * Structure your product backlog so you have just the right level of detail at the right time—and turn backlog grooming into a low-stress, continuous activity rather than a painful meeting. * Find the 20% of the potential effort that delivers 80% of the value over and over again, dramatically improving your team’s results.

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