Only read read and read :(

I was looking for a video course and it turned out to be a PDF Course where you have to read a lot , so i am a bit dissatisfied.


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  1. Hi Varun, we’re so sorry you were disappointed with this course! Our goal is to deliver exceptional value for anyone that pays for any of our content, so we’re going to refund you the price of this course.

  2. I did not wanted to get refund as my aim is to learn from you, not to get refund 🙂
    Now, do you have any video courses and if i purchase 2 or 3 courses will there be any discount ?

    1. You’ll still have access to that content, so you can continue to learn. Many of our courses are video-centric. If you are interested in Product Ownership, check out the 80/20 Product Owner course, which has lots of video built in. Our Scrum & Agile Crash Course is also video-first in its design.
      Shoot us an email: and we can talk about which courses might work best for you and we can put together a bundle for you. Thanks Varun!

  3. Hello , I purchased Retrospective and 80/20 PO course. Now retro course has a lot to read and I was looking for a video course , so can you please issue a refund for retrospective course ?

    I am happy to keep PO course.