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All the essential skills, techniques, and templates to facilitate great virtual retrospectives using the collaboration tool Miro and video conferencing tools like Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

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What’s in the course?

Facilitating Effective Retrospectives with Miro is our online, self-paced course for ScrumMasters, coaches, and anyone else who needs to facilitate better retrospectives. 

You won’t find a trite or empty promise of some magic formula here. We created this course because we see how much and how quickly great retrospectives can help a team grow. And we see how much people struggle to use retrospectives well over the long haul.

In Facilitating Effective Retrospectives with Miro, you’ll find clear, actionable, and inspiring (yes, inspiring!) content to help you as you build new skills.

You’ll also examine what makes retros ineffective and reframe unhelpful patterns and assumptions. See if any of the following sound familiar:

  • “My team doesn’t believe this is the best use of their time.”
  • “Our team is too big to run retros effectively or efficiently.”
  • “Trying to get people to contribute something meaningful is like pulling teeth.”
  • “We talk about improvement all the time anyway.”
  • “We’re good enough now that we don’t need retros.”

We’ll take you through how to refine the retro to address these real objections and frustrations, in some cases, shifting your perspective to use them to your benefit.

Your 3 Biggest Outcomes

Facilitating Effective Retrospectives with Miro will allow you to:

  1. Help your team do reflection and experimentation better than 99.9% of teams in the world.
  2. Find the one thing that matters most at every retro and design a good experiment to make it better.
  3. Multiply your team’s effectiveness.

What You Get

Facilitating Effective Retrospectives with Miro is for high-performing teams who want to do great retrospectives. For only $497 you get:

  • 25 self-paced modules to help you build new skills and get inspired:
    • 8 modules on the essentials of great facilitation—for retrospectives or for any other meeting
    • 7 modules with techniques and templates for facilitating great virtual retrospectives using collaboration tools like Miro and video conferencing tools like Zoom
    • 10 modules that help you address common retrospective objections and challenges
  • Plus! You’ll have access to 2 modules of bonus content providing additional resources and recommendations based on our collective 35 years of experience facilitating and coaching facilitators.

You’ll also receive access to

  • Miro board templates to maximize collaboration and participation
  • Facilitation guides that provide cues for how to effectively use the templates—what to say, and when to say it.

$297 Today’s Price


Hard Way or Easy Way?

We’ve read hundreds of books about coaching, facilitation, group dynamics, psychology, culture, leadership, complex adaptive systems, and how to make meetings more effective. We’ve made almost every mistake in the book facilitating our own team’s retrospectives, and we learned from all of that trial and error.

You could totally do the same thing – read all the books, practice, make the same mistakes we made, and start to learn the same lessons on your own. Hopefully, your team is as forgiving as our teams were! Or, you can take this course and fast forward through those dozens of years of trial and error and apply the most essential tips in facilitating your very next retrospective.

Why do the Blue Angels do a retrospective after EVERY flight?

The Blue Angels team is made up of active-duty Navy and Marine aviators, each service man and woman bringing their experience and expertise from their service in the Navy and Marine Corps fleets. Their Commanding Officer describes the team in this way: “Every member understands and embraces the importance of teamwork and strives daily to ensure our flight demonstration exemplifies the pride, professionalism and precision found in every facet of the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps.”

Have you ever witnessed a Blue Angels performance or flyover? There’s something exciting about hearing the rumble of engines from a distance and hearing them grow louder as the Blue Angels fly closer. People run into the streets to catch a glimpse, their heads tipped back to watch the skies. When the jets arrive and you see the speed and precision of them flying in tight formation (only 18 inches apart!), you know you’ve witnessed something special. Imagine trying to drive your car at top speed (still significantly slower than Blue Angels Jets) 18 inches apart in formation with other cars on the freeway. It would be impossible to do without a plan, without teamwork, without trust.

Former Blue Angels leader Greg “Boss” Wooldridge calls debriefs (their word for retrospectives) a “game changer” in elevating team performance. Blue Angels debriefs take as long as, or longer than, the pre-show briefings. “Too often, debrief has a bad name,” he said, noting that many people wince at the idea because debriefs bring up what went wrong. But the Blue Angels see it as an opportunity for reflection, a commitment to fix issues and a time for mentoring or being mentored. 

Learn more about how the Blue Angels run retrospectives from this article: Blue Angels ‘Boss’ Streeses Need for Debrief in Ops.


Course FAQ

How long do I have access to the content?
You have lifetime access to everything in the course.

How long does the course take?
Working directly through all of the content takes an average of 4-6 hours – there’s a lot of great stuff in there! But, we don’t recommend you do it all in one sitting. Hit up the lessons that seem most useful to you right now. Jump around as needed, you don’t need to move sequentially through the course. We know people are coming into it with all different needs, levels of experience, and time available. Applying even a single lesson from the course will help your team improve at the very next retro!

What if we don’t use Miro? Will this still be valuable?
We focused the exercises on Miro since we’re most familiar with it and we wanted to share very concrete examples. However, the principles and techniques we describe for using Miro can be used with nearly every collaborative tool out there. We’re kind of partial to Miro, after all we have spent hundreds of hours in that tool over the last year alone, but we’ve heard from users of many other platforms like Mural, Lucid Spark, JamBoard, Google Docs, Teams whiteboards, Zoom’s whiteboard, the Innovation Games Weave platform, and many more, and they’ve found the course to be broadly applicable to those other platforms.

Do you offer a group discount or site license?
We’re happy to talk to you about getting your company or large group into the course. Drop us a line at and we’ll get you set up!

$297 Today’s Price


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