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Step #1

New user? Change your password

If this is the fist time you’ve accessed an online course from Humanizing Work, we created an account for you, generated a password, and emailed all of that info to you. Look for an email with the subject line “Login info for your account at Humanizing Work Online Learning” for all of the details.

Step #2

We sent you an email with info about this order, including a link to the course. Look for the subject line “Access your Humanizing Work online course”. Once you’re logged in, you can access all of your info, including a link to your orders and courses from your main account page at My Account. You can also get to your courses by clicking the Courses link in the top menu. Jump in and start learning!‚Äč

Step #3

Connect with the community

You can access groups using, or just click on the Groups menu item. There, you can chat with the instructors and other participants in your course. Ask questions, give feedback, and get to know other like-minded learners!

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