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Welcome to the online component of your Humanizing Work Leading Organizational Transformation course! This prereq material covers the Cynefin model, how increasing complexity led to the emergence of various management approaches like Agile, the Laloux model for understanding organizational values, and several case studies that we will debrief during the workshop. This content provides a firm foundation on which to build in the workshop, so please take the time to work through the material before we start. You never loose access to this course, so you can review it at any time in the future. The course also gets you working in our favorite online collaboration tool, Miro, which we will use extensively during the workshop. It's important that you complete these prior to the workshop so we're ready to dive into how these concepts apply in making work more impactful and effortless! Each section has a button for you to provide feedback in case anything is confusing or doesn't work for some reason. Let us know if that happens, we jump right on those notifications.
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Anthony Sage
Posted 3 months ago
Terrific case studies and examples across a multitude of industries

I liked the examples and flow of the pre-read topics.

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What's your experience? We'd love to know!