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“Well worth the time and investment”

Tynan, CTO

After spending an afternoon with the course, we were able to roll-out a new Miro instance right away to introduce the team to ORID. The combination of Miro tooling in a virtual work environment and ORID was transformational even after the first session. By starting with objective facts, we found it quickly focuses the conversation on what we know and can quantify, while allowing for felt-needs and frustrations to be aired. Instead of the team worrying about attacking a team member directly, they were focused on the objective fact or issue, naturally allowing everyone to easily confront the problem and not the person. We saw a more active exchange, more issues flagged (that in the past were withheld because of fear of confrontation), and more speedy decision making leading to issue resolution. Overall, the course content is fantastic.

Imagine feeling energized when you leave a retrospective.

Instead of feeling like you’ve wasted time in another meeting when you could have been doing something valuable, leave retrospectives feeling energized. Facilitating Effective Retrospectives with Miro unlocks the skills you need to approach every retrospective with confidence.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long do I have access to the content?

A. You have lifetime access to everything in the course.

Q. How long does the course take?

A: Working directly through all of the content takes an average of 4-6 hours – there’s a lot of great stuff in there! But, we don’t recommend you do it all in one sitting. Hit up the lessons that seem most useful to you right now. Jump around as needed, you don’t need to move sequentially through the course. We know people are coming into it with all different needs, levels of experience, and time available. Applying even a single lesson from the course will help your team improve at the very next retro!

Q. What if we don’t use Miro? Will this still be valuable?

A: We focused the exercises on Miro since we’re most familiar with it and we wanted to share very concrete examples. However, the principles and techniques we describe for using Miro can be used with nearly every collaborative tool out there. We’re kind of partial to Miro, after all we have spent hundreds of hours in that tool over the last year alone, but we’ve heard from users of many other platforms like Mural, Lucid Spark, JamBoard, Google Docs, Teams whiteboards, Zoom’s whiteboard, the Innovation Games Weave platform, and many more, and they’ve found the course to be broadly applicable to those other platforms.


Q. Do you offer a group discount or site license?

A: We’re happy to talk to you about getting your company or large group into the course. Drop us a line at, and we’ll get you set up!


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